140 Aha! Coffee Moments
From the Conference Room, to the Cafe, to the Kitchen
Written by Robert Galinsky
Creator of Coffee the Musical and the New York Reality TV School
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CC Press Mentions

Press Mentions

"East Villager Robert Galinsky pours his heart out (literally) when it comes to coffee." - New York Press
"Celebrity-inspired Holiday Gifts By Meaghan Murphy" - FOX News
"Definitely the most outrageous coffee book ever written." -
"Author Brews Frothy Mix of Coffee, Celebrity and Twitter" -
"Robert Galinsky to Release New Tweet Book COFFEE CRAZY" -
"Robert Galinsky NYC Performance Personality - Creator of 'Coffee The Musical' Releases Coffee Crazy" - The Tea House Times
"From Small Town to Big Time" - Wethersfield Life (page 4-5)